The Writing Hideout is a website and blog I launched to be a community for creators young and old.



A Brief Introduction

Hi, I'm Katherine - a writer and creative writing teacher living in the UK. I'm currently writing the second draft of my first novel, while another project stews in the corner.

I teach creative writing to all ages, from very beginners to more experienced writers. If you want to find out more about the creative writing classes I offer, look here; alternatively, if you don't see anything that jumps out at you, get in touch!

As well as my writing exploits, I run a YA book group and am obsessed with all things bullet journaling, so get in touch if these are things you want to know more about!

When I'm not writing (or tweeting about writing!), I like to go for long walks in the countryside, sit somewhere and daydream, or hibernate in various bookshops with a large cup of tea. 

I hope to be hearing more about your writing projects very soon!

Katherine x