The Artist Date: Visiting the Bronte Parsonage

So recently I have been inspired to take myself off on solo dates, or an 'artist date'. Spending time treating yourself is something I don't think any of us do enough of, and given I was driving past, it seemed a perfect opportunity for me to treat myself to a leisurely lunch stop over in Haworth, home of the Brontës…

My YALC Book Haul

It's my YALC haul! Now, I was very good this year. Really, very good. Last year I came home with many, many more books. So here is my much more restrained YALC 2018 book haul!

June Reading Wrap Up

Another month, another wrap up! This month I've read / listened to a real mix of non-fiction, fiction, and comfort reads. Here's the final list! First up in June I read…

How Do You Like Me Now?

I know this is first and foremost a writing blog, but sometimes a book has such an impact on you that you have to write about it straight away. How Do You Like Me Now? was one of those books...

May Reading Wrap Up

This month I have read SO MANY books. Partly due to new releases I have been incredibly excited to get my hands on, and partly due to being completely determined to dent that pre-existing TBR of mine…

A (Very Overdue) April Reading Wrap Up

The last two months have been completely mad with work and life in general, but I’ve still been reading an absolute ton of great books in this time (keep your eyes peeled for my May reading wrap up, which will follow very closely on the heels of this one!).

The first book I read in April was…

What Is A Writing Workshop?

I've been tutoring students for quite a few years now, and something I always have to explain to them is the concept of a writing workshop. It's something I was introduced to at university, and it's the best way of getting support and feedback on your work.

How To Edit A First Draft

If any of you are in the same position as me, you have a first draft written. It's been sat in the corner for a few months, stewing and maturing, and it's finally time to look at it again. Except you have no idea what to do with this draft in front of you. How do you begin editing such a behemoth?