How I'm Using My Bullet Journal in 2019

How I'm Using My Bullet Journal in 2019

As some of you are probably aware, I’m a bullet journal convert. I’ve been using it for the past two years to try and organise my life, with varying degrees of success. So I thought I would share with you how my bullet journal is looking for 2019!

(NB: I usually film Plan With Me videos for my youtube channel, writinghideoutart, but my computer can’t run my editing software any more. If you want to see my bullet journal day to day, I have a bujo insta - also writinghideoutart).

I always start a new bullet journal with the year at a glance. I’ll colour in my holidays when I have the dates for them, but apart from that this post just sits here as a reminder (and it’s also a lot easier when I’m drawing my monthly spreads than constantly waking up my phone screen!).

What follows this is my future log, which is a double page spread where you write out the calendar - just like you’ve just done for the year at a glance - but along the top of the page so you have space underneath for all your key dates. There are loads of other cool ways to set out your future log, but I decided to go simple this year.

I then followed those spreads up with a new post for this year - my resolutions page. But instead of being explicit resolutions, I’m just picking three areas where I want to establish consistent habits for this year. I work on the principle that if I can embed these habits, then I’m going to then achieve my goals! (I also wrote another blog post about making resolutions, if that’s your jam).

The final spread for my new years bullet journal is my vision board for the year! I haven’t actually made on of these before so I was super excited to create one to reflect on this year. Also, it was an excuse to go on pinterest, and I love spending hours on pinterest!


So here is my vision board! I’m aiming to…

  • Be better at being kind to myself and others

  • Improve the quality of the photos I take for instagram

  • Dress how I want to feel, not how I actually feel (so far this seems to have largely manifested itself by buying about five different lipsticks, but I’m cool with it).

  • Writing! I might write a blog post about my writing goals soon, so I’ll elaborate there…

    Have you used a bullet journal before? What spreads have you included in your 2019 setup?
    Tag your insta below if you’d like me to check it out - I love seeing new bujo pictures!

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